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“Addressing infrastructure needs in water and sanitation, health, governance, and education.”


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Resting on 3 pillars: Sustainability, Environment, and Gender


  • Enable approximately 60 Palestinian communities to have increased access to new and/or improved potable water supplies.
  • Enable more than 20 Palestinian communities to have access to improved sanitation systems.
  • Implement more than 50 infrastructure projects in the Health, Education, Youth and other sectors.


The PCID Team constructs, expands and rehabilitates water and waste water networks, building water reservoirs and cisterns, and installing and renovating house connections. In communities vulnerable to flooding during the rainy season, the Team installs proper rainwater drainage systems to discharge water safely into nearby valleys.


The PCID Team constructs, rehabilitates and expands educational facilities and youth centers, building additional classrooms and renovating existing ones, while improving and providing recreational facilities such as playgrounds and installing new sanitation facilities and water drinking units.


The PCID Team improves access to health care through the new construction, renovation and expansion of clinics and other health facilities. As part of its local contribution to the PCID Program, ANERA provided In-Kind medicines and health care supplies to hospitals and clinics across the West Bank and Gaza.


The PCID Team constructs, expands and rehabilitates new and existing community infrastructure projects that will serve and bring together village residents and youth. Such projects will include parks, community centers, markets, libraries, local government facilities, and sidewalks.


"Because of this new water project in Falamya, I can now save money towards my children’s education.” Khawleh Shtawi pic.twitter.com/wh48xaCJrl

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