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The Reality

More than 47% of the population in the West Bank and Gaza is under the age of 18, and nearly 30% of those children do not attend school. School facilities across the West Bank and Gaza suffer from deteriorated classrooms and facilities which not only impede students’ learning abilities but also act as a health hazard. The Ministry of Education does not have sufficient funds to fully maintain or develop safe, engaging and healthy educational facilities. Educational facilities such as libraries and computer and science labs are not always available. A 2010 survey found that only 65.5% of schools possess a library and only 59% contain a science lab. Even basic things such as adequate sanitation and recreational facilities are lacking in many schools.


The Response

The PCID Team constructs, rehabilitates and expands educational facilities and youth centers, building additional classrooms and renovating existing ones, while improving and providing recreational facilities such as playgrounds and installing new sanitation facilities and water drinking units.


The Goal by 2018:

  • Implement more than 50 infrastructure projects in the Health, Education, Youth and other sectors.



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